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Super-Townie dates back to September, 2010, when Co-creators Greg Lavoie and Paul McAlarney, along with super-townie actor and regular graphic contributor Nick Viau, found "Point of Pines" on a map during a psychedelic gathering of sorts. In the following months, the trio, who had been close since high school, became comically fixated on this neighborhood of Revere, Ma, and began to create the fictional community that would eventually serve as the cradle for super-Townie. After a humorous encounter on the MBTA one day, Greg and Paul decided that a tv show based on their unique version of point of pines could be great. The rest, now, is history. But none of it would have been possible without the following brilliant individuals, to whom the Super-Townie universe owes everything.

Cast and Crew...

Greg on the set of My Lawn

Greg LaVoie

Greg LaVoie is one of three individuals who have been with Super-Townie since the very start. Since the birth of the fictionalized Point of Pines in September 2010, Greg has served as co-creator, co-writer, an executive producer, and star of Super-Townie, donating priceless time, energy, and talent to the project long before it was ever considered to be prosperous. The rare friendship and mutuality of sense of humor shared by Greg with Nick Viau and Paul M McAlarney enabled the universe and themes of Super-Townie to blossom before Tom O'Neil or the title "Super-Townie" were ever even conceived. It is Greg's zany comedic vein that produces many of Super-Townie's non-sequitur lines, without which the series would be just another generic sitcom. Growing up in Melrose, Greg spent much of his adolescence with close friends and Melrose High School classmates Nick Viau, Paul, and Chris Hurley and the four went so far as to start a punk band together, called Martial Law. After graduating high school, Greg went on to live in Japan for a year and when he returned to Boston, he moved into a house in Allston with Nick Viau, Paul, Nick Norrman, and two other future Super-Townie cast and crew members, Bradford Krieger and Garrett Belair. After a year of collective debauchery in Allston, Greg and Paul moved to Somerville, renting an apartment that would eventually become the birthplace of Super-Townie and serve as the O'Neil home in "My Lawn". At first, Nick Viau was slated as the actor who would play Tom O'Neil in Super-Townie, but after Paul and Greg created an audio-only version of "My Lawn", in which Greg provided the voice of Tom to convey the proper Point of Pines accent and dialect to unfamiliar cast and crew members, Chris Hurley placed an urgent call to Paul insisting that Greg play Tom O'Neil in the actual film production. In Chris's exact words, "Greg, you are Tom O'Neil."

Paul on the set of The Fish

Paul McAlarney

Paul McAlareny has been writing avidly since he could first hold a pencil, long before he could even form a sentence. Spending the entirety of his childhood in Melrose, Paul channeled his neuroses and his creative drive through a wild imgination that spawned countless books, makeshift plays, and hyper-amateur films. In high school, music became his primary interest and he played guitar in many bands, the pinnacle of which was Martial Law, his band with Greg, Nick Viau, and Chris Hurley. Unable to afford Northeastern University or Wentworth University, where he wanted to study architecture, Paul turned his attention to UMASS Lowell and auditioned for the music program but failed due to his inadequate sight-reading skills. A last minute shift in direction landed him an acceptance letter and enrollment at UMASS Amherst, a school he settled on only because the majority of his classmates were Amherst-bound. After seven semesters of rowdy partying, three of which he spent on the notorious Hobart Lane, Paul earned a one-year suspension from UMASS Amherst and promptly returned to eastern Massachusetts where he moved into the infamous party house with Greg, Nick Viau, Nick Norrman, Brad, and Garrett. Disillusioned with the writing he had been doing for the previous year and finding himself in the midst of alcohol-fueled writer's block, Paul had nearly lost all hope for a literary career when the fateful day came when he, Nick Viau, and Greg found Point of Pines on a map and the inside jokes burst forth into the world, creating out of themselves the Super-Townie universe and humor. Since that day, Paul has immersed himself totally in the production of Super-Townie, assuming the roles of co-creator, co-writer, executive producer, producer, director, editor, and supporting actor. He graduated from UMASS Boston with a degree in sociology in June of 2011.

Arty on the set of My Lawn

Arthur Higgins

Arthur Higgins (originally from Wales, Massachusetts) and Paul M McAlarney met at UMASS Amherst, when Arthur found himself living in a dormroom across the hall from one of Paul's best friends in Brett Hall. The two became acquainted and saw potential in one other, both artistically and intellectually. All collaborative progress ended there, though, until nearly three years after Paul was kicked out of UMASS Amherst, during which time Arthur left Amherst and began taking classes at Bunker Hill Community College. The two reconnected by mere chance during an online conversation in which Arthur described his recent participation in theater and comedy, at which point Paul offered Arthur the role of Lou in Super-Townie, which had just been conceived. Arthur began attending rehearsals and quickly fell into place as an integral member of the Super-Townie cast and crew, earning himself the titles of executive producer, assistant producer, assistant director, publicist/spokesperson, music collaborator, and actor. His contributions to Super-Townie have been priceless and his talent and vision have enabled the project to go from the status of "project" to "fruitful production".

Suja recording on the set of The Fish

Suja Ono

Suja Ono is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was taking classes at Emerson College when she landed a job at Zing Pizza, a quaint pizza shop in Porter Square, Cambridge. It was there that Suja met Paul and Greg, who were the assistant manager and supervisor, respectively. They formed a fast friendship based almost entirely on Paul and Greg's crude humor and hazing of Suja, coupled with Suja's ability to take the jeers and dish them back. Possessing a knack for creativity and artistic ambition, Suja was swiftly invited onto the Super-Townie crew when Paul and Greg began production. She has become one of the most advantageous additions to the Super-Townie family, taking on the roles of executive producer, audio technician and boom mic operator, props manager, and wardrobe manager.  

Nick filming on the set of My Lawn

Nick Normann

Nick Normann became acquainted with Greg, Paul, and Nick Viau through Garrett Belair, who would eventually play Tommy O'Neil in Super-Townie, when they were looking for people to fill the house in Allston. Garrett recommended that Nick Norrman rent a nook in the basement and the speculations flared as to who this mysterious basement-dweller would be, as only Garrett had met him before. Regardless of any skepticism at having a relative stranger move into the house, Nick soon found himself welcomed eagerly into the group of friends who shared the house with him. He took a job at Zing Pizza with Greg, Paul, and Suja, and it was there that Paul and Nick recognized their shared love for film. Nick was a film student at New England Institute of Art and had a uniquely keen eye for pulp and cult culture, along with classic cinema. Paul and Nick first collaborated on a mockumentary titled Deliver This! centered around their flamboyantly gay co-worker, where they followed him on pizza deliveries, interviewed customers, and staged a robbery, capturing it all on film. Before long, Paul and Nick began brainstorming on a number of prospective projects, ranging from Jamie Kennedy-esque pranks to a short script about Neo-Nazis opening a breakfast diner in Cambridge. None of the projects came to fruition, but the two were intent on working together again. When Super-Townie became a reality and pre-production commenced, Nick was there every step of the way, working with Paul, who was inexperienced in film production, to create shot-lists, filming schedules, equipment lists, budgets, casting, and crew recruitment. It is Nick's expertise and visionary perspective behind a camera that has secured him the role of director of photography and editor in the Super-Townie crew, in addition to assuming the responsibilities of lighting and set design in the early days of the project.

Chris on the set of The Fish

Chris Hurley

Chris Hurley is, like Paul, Greg, and Nick Viau, a Melrose native and he spent much of his adolescence with these three friends, playing bass in Martial Law and introducing Paul and Greg to a multitude of obscure punk and metal bands. Chris had been the unofficial ringleader of the tight-knit group of punks and metalheads that included Martial Law and a handful of other close friends and during the production of amateur comedy films the friends made in high school, Chris displayed his outstanding skills at improv, comedy, and acting. Toward the end of his high school career, Chris drifted away from his three former bandmates but in a rather serendipitous manner they reconnected a number of times in the following years, usually at parties. Nick, Greg, and Chris remained relatively close during these years but Paul had been living in Amherst during this time and only saw Chris a handful of times. It seemed as though this would be the nature and extent of their friendship from then on, despite occasional talks of starting a new band. Then, at the memorial service for the mother of a very close mutual friend, Paul and Chris got to talking and Paul described his and Greg's prospective television show, Super-Townie, which had yet to begin rehearsals. Recognizing Chris's universal artistic talent, and taking it as a sign that Chris was presently enrolled in South Portland Community College in Maine for creative writing, Paul asked him if he would be interested in acting in Super-Townie. Chris eagerly accepted the role of Danny and quickly became a crucial part of the Super-Townie cast and crew. After firing a number of musicians initially committed to writing and recording the music and score for Super-Townie, Paul turned to Chris and asked him to compose the soundtrack. This added the title of musician/composer to Chris's already established roles of actor and assistant director.

Nick on the set of My Lawn

Nicholas Viau

Nicholas Viau has been one of Greg's and Paul's closest friends since their earliest days at Melrose High School. And, when Chris Hurley is added to the mix, the four of them are nearly limitless in their multifaceted potential, ranging from film to music and everything in between. Spending an overwhelming majority of his childhood and adolescence in Melrose, Nick's house, located on the same block as Melrose High School, became a regular meeting-place for their large group of friends. Inevitably, the bond between the four friends became indestructible and, even though Chris went his separate way for several years, Greg went to Japan, Paul moved to Amherst, and Nick moved into Mission Hill in Boston, the magnetic pull between them was strong enough to draw them all together again. Paul, Greg, and Nick lived together in Allston while Nick attended classes at Emmanuel College. When Paul and Greg relocated to Somerville, Nick remained in Allston yet the three made a point to see each other often, a routine that culminated in the discovery of Point of Pines in an atlas of metropolitan Boston. Nick and Greg sat together on the couch in Paul and Greg's apartment in Somerville, giggling hysterically at the seemingly ludicrous names of places in Revere, specifically Brown Circle and Point of Pines, while Paul suffered across the room from a miserable case of the flu, trying desperately to enjoy himself and socialize with his two close friends. The rest of that day was spent emulating what people from Point of Pines might sound like and say, an activity in which Nick doubtlessly had the most talent and originality. Over the course of the next few months, the isolated inside jokes ballooned into a fictional universe with a complex culture, a variety of made-up landmarks and organizations, and countless nonsensical phrases, such as "You always take a left on Brown Circle!". Whenever Nick, Greg, and Paul or any two of them were together, the jokes and jests created themselves out of trance-like shared hysterics. Initially, Nick was set to play Tom O'Neil, but after a rough audio recording of "My Lawn", Greg showed his prowess at playing Tom, and Nick was cast as Tom's right-hand-man, Vinny. Expressing his desire to be as involved as possible from the very beginning, Nick has assumed the responsibilities of graphic designer, locations manager, marketing collaborator, website collaborator, and, of course, actor.  

Chris on the set of The Fish

Chris LaVoie

Chris LaVoie is another Melrose native and the older brother of Greg. After Paul's friend, a theater student at Bridgewater State College, backed out of playing Silverbird Goldstein in Super-Townie, Paul and Greg racked their brains to decide who would fill the role. Greg haphazardly mentioned that his brother, Chris, was deeply involved in the theater community in and around Chelsea and Boston, and they instantly placed a phone call to Chris offering him the role of Silverbird, which he promptly and enthusiastically accepted. Chris has since proven himself to be in possession of some of the strongest acting skills in the Super-Townie cast and, before long, offered to take on a more administrative role in the project, collaborating with Paul and Greg on the website design and marketing strategies.  

Pete on the set of My Lawn

Pete Corbett

Pete Corbett has been an unofficial and indirect contributor to every level of production in Super-Townie, lending to the series the green pickup truck that Tom O'Neil drives. In addition to playing the character of Mikey, he also provided employment to one of the executive producers, allowing for Super-Townie's financial security.

Shay Miller

Shay joined the Super-Townie family not long before the March 3rd premiere but within days quickly rose above and beyond her expected position as Assistant Publicist and was able to secure interviews and exposure opportunities that nobody else had managed to acquire. With her expertise and dedication in mind, she was immediately promoted to Publicist, and has been working side-by-side with the Super-Townie veterans to make "Tom O'Neil" a household name. Shay met Nick Viau at Emmanuel College and has since become close with the whole group. When Super-Townie began production, Shay expressed interest in joining the crew as "Assistant Producer" but the possibility was swept up in the confusion of production and post-production, though Paul always kept Shay in mind whenever his workload seemed insurmountable. Shay was invited to join in January 2012 and has since proven to be one of the most crucial members of the "Exposure Campaign" and the Super-Townie family. Shay has previous experience working in film production, enabling her to jump into the publicity role with ease.

Erick Lawrence

Erick has been an actor on Super-Townie since the first episode, playing Frank the apathetic bartender. But when the second generation of short films began production and the Super-Townie crew entered into the production of episode 03 - "Porn", Erick stepped up to the plate, hosting rehearsals and joining the crew, becoming an integral member of the Super-Townie family in the process.






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Mike Collari

Mike Collari joined the Super-Townie crew during the production of "The Fish" and has proven himself to be an enthusiastic, reliable, and talented lighting technician.

Seth Babin

Seth Babin was the first editor on the Super-Townie crew before he resigned from his position, but not before piecing together what became the official Super-Townie intro video.

Greg McAlarney

Greg McAlarney, Paul's younger brother, is a momentously talented film student at Collins College in Arizona and is largely responsible for the production of the Super-Townie shorts, filling the role of director of photography on the shorts film in August 2011 and editing "Interview with Tom O'Neil". He is also contacted frequently for consultation on any and every filmmaking concern that Paul has.

Ross Martin

Ross Marting created the Point of Pines map found on the Point of Pines section of the site as well as in the credits of the episodes.

Alex Vallejo

Alex Vallejo created the beat during the closing credits, using Chris Hurley's opening track as a sample.

Matt Moseman

Matt Moseman offered his apartment in downtown Boston to be used as the rehearsal space for "The Fish", as well as playing The Dirty Hippie in that episode.





Super-Townie and all related material is the property of Greg LaVoie and Paul M McAlarney. All Rights Reserved. 2011 Greg LaVoie and Paul M McAlarney.